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Seeing the Person in the Patient: Making the Case for Individualized PROMs in Mental Health Care

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 3 ]


Celia M.D. Sales*   Pages 184 - 187 ( 4 )


This article presents the emergent approach of personalized assessment in mental health care, which combines standardized patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) with individualized measures (I-PROMs). Each patient has a unique clinical condition, with a set of problems and presentations specific to his or her person and circumstances. I-PROMs inform clinicians about idiosyncratic problems that cannot be captured in pre-set standardized PROMs, thus tailoring assessment to the person, and accomplishing the requirements of patient-centred outcomes assessment. Implications for managed care systems are discussed.


I-PROMs, PROMs, personalized assessment, individualized, quality, managed care, mental health.


Centre for Psychology at the University of Porto (CPUP), Faculty of Psychology and Education Science (FPCEUP), University of Porto, Porto

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